Visualization as the Gateway Drug to Statistics in Week One

Poster Presentation at USCOTS 2015

Joint work with Cynthia Rush. See poster here. Paper in progress with Cynthia Rush and Nicholas Horton.

The Activity

Goal: To decrease the time-to-first-graph for students; to practice statistical thinking motivated by real data and to engage in basic statistical computing early on.
Time: approximately 50 minutes or more
Software: R (with RStudio and the mosaic package).

Using an RMarkdown file, produce 3 compelling graphics that tell a story about the CPS85 dataset (built into the mosaicData package). Write a few sentences describing what you learn from each of the three plots.

Note: At Amherst, we are fortunate enough to have our very own RStudio Server, which means the students do not need to install anything on their own computers to get started on this lab. If your institution does not have this luxury, then you may need to budget additional time to install the necessary software.


Examples of Student Work

The following contains deidentified work from students who have provided consent (Amherst College IRB approval #15-028).