In Press

  • X Wang, N Reich, N Horton. Enriching Students' Conceptual Understanding of Confidence Intervals: An Interactive Trivia-based Classroom Activity. The American Statistician.Preprint.
  • X Wang, C Rush, N Horton. Data Visualization on Day One: Bringing Big Ideas into Intro Stats Early and Often. Technology Innovations in Statistical Education.
  • Azka Javaid, X Wang, N Horton. Using a ``Study of Studies'' to help statistics students assess research findings. Chance.Preprint.


  • J Oatts, X Wang, K Kaplowitz, N Patel, N Loewen. Effect of Alpha-2-Agonist Premedication on Intraocular Pressure after Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty.Indian Journal of Opthalmology. 2015 Dec; 63(12): 891–894.View
  • J Emerson and X Wang. Advances in Big Data and High-Performance Computing. Proceedings of the 2013 IASC Satellite for the ISI WSC and the 8th IASC-ARS Conference, August 21-23, 2013 (pp. 79-84).View
  • J Emerson and X Wang. Amazon EC2, Big Data and High-Performance Computing. Statistical Computing and Graphics Newsletter, July 2013, 23(1). View
  • X Wang, S Byars, and S Stearns. Genetic links between post-reproductive lifespan and family size in Framingham. EMPH 2013 : eot013v1-eot013.View
  • G Ryslik and X Wang. Exam 4/C Theoretical Knowledge & Exercises Preparation Textbook. New Haven: Actuarial Empire, LLC 2013. Print.Website


  • X Wang and J Emerson. Bayesian Change Point Analysis of Linear Models on Graphs. Resubmitted to JASA (March 2017). Preprint

Research Interests

  • statistics education
  • Bayesian statistics
  • big data
  • statistical computing
  • data mining


  • ABtree: An Algorithm For Subgroup-Based Treatment Assignment, September 2016, Yale Biostatistics. Slides
  • A Bayesian Change Point Model for Housing Values, August 2016, Joint Statistical Meetings (invited). Slides
  • A Bayesian Method for General Change Point Problems, November 2015, Smith College.Slides
  • Learning Statistics with R, from the Ground Up, August 2015, Joint Statistical Meetings (contributed). Slides
  • Graphical Product Partition Models, August 2013, Joint Statistical Meetings (contributed). Slides


  • Visualization as the Gateway Drug to Statistics in Week One, May 2015, USCOTS. Details